A Violin’s Life Volume 2: Music for the ‘Lipinski’ Strad | Avie AV2363

A Violin’s Life Volume 2: Music for the ‘Lipinski’ Strad


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Label: Avie

Cat No: AV2363

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 27th May 2016



Released in the wake of the sensational theft - and eventual recovery - of his ‘Lipiński’ Strad, Frank Almond releases ‘A Violin’s Life, Volume 2’, featuring works by Beethoven, Amanda Maier-Röntgen and Eduard Tubin.

1715: the famed Italian luthier Antonio Stradivari constructs what will become one of his most legendary violins. Among its first owners is Giuseppe Tartini, he of the ‘Devil's Trill’ Sonata.

c1817: the violin is bequeathed to Polish virtuoso violinist Karol Lipiński who inspired many works for the instrument.

2008: after passing through many countries and collections the ‘Lipiński’ Strad arrives in the hands of Frank Almond, through an anonymous donor.

2013: Frank Almond releases ‘A Violin's Life’ (AV2279), an album that traces the provenance of the ‘Lipinski’ Strad, with music by Schumann, Tartini, Julius Röntgen, and Lipiński himself.

January 2014: Following a concert, walking towards his car, Frank Almond is tasered by an assailant and the ‘Lipiński’ Strad is stolen. An FBI pursuit results in the recovery of the ‘Lipiński’ Strad a few weeks later. International media coverage goes viral, including international TV coverage, a feature in Vanity Fair, NPR, BBC, and much more.

May 2016: Frank Almond releases A Violin’s Life, Volume 2, featuring more music associated with the ‘Lipiński’ Strad, including works by Beethoven, Amanda Maier-Röntgen and Eduard Tubin, poised to create another classic release.

The ‘Lipiński’ Strad lives on.

“Almond plays as if his fiddle’s life was on the line - in his hands, the ‘Lipinski’ flourishes and shines in notes spun out with casual virtuosity and graceful poetry.” - The Irish Times

“The glorious ‘Lipinski’ Stradivarius violin...which passed through the hands and lives of a number of composers beginning with Giuseppe Tartini, and whose fascinating journey is chronicled on a gorgeous recent CD, “A Violin’s Life,” with performances by Frank Almond.” - Strings magazine

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