Trumpet Combinations | Audiomax AUD9061930

Trumpet Combinations


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Label: Audiomax

Cat No: AUD9061930

Format: SACD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 26th February 2016



Joachim Pliquett (trumpet)
Matthias Kuhnle (trumpet)
Klaus Mertens (baritone)
Andras Fejer (trombone)
Arvid Gast (organ)


Bach, Johann Sebastian

Nun lob', mein Seel', den Herren

Blacher, Boris

Divertimento (1946)

Busser, Henri

Andante et Scherzo

Franceschini, Petro

Sonata in D

Gardner, John

Sonata da Chiesa sopra un tema di Claudio Monteverdi, op.136

Handel, George Frideric

Alexander's Feast, HWV75
» Revenge, revenge, Timotheus cries - Behold, a ghastly band
Solomon, HWV67
» Sinfonia: Arrival of the Queen of Sheba

Jelich, Vincent


Pino, Antonio

Laudate pueri Dominum

Toth, Peter

Sonata da chiesa


Joachim Pliquett (trumpet)
Matthias Kuhnle (trumpet)
Klaus Mertens (baritone)
Andras Fejer (trombone)
Arvid Gast (organ)


The core of this interestingly designed programme is formed by three “church sonatas”: one an original by Petronio Franceschini and the other two adaptations from our times.

Franceschini’s Sonata fascinates the listener with its attractive echo effects producing a very special impact with surprising modulations from major to minor. John Gardner quite similarly plays with room acoustics in his Sonata da chiesa from 1976; with its Doppler effect the music even seems to move in space! Since all of this occurs on a motif from Monteverdi’s Orfeo, the relation to earlier times is reinforced all the more.

Joachim Pliquett and Arvid Gast have often enthused their audiences with virtuosic playing rich in ideas, and for their newest program, Combinations, they can rely on prominent support: Klaus Mertens sings the famous “Revenge, Timotheus cries” from Handel’s Alexander’s Feast and an anonymous “Laudate pueri” from the seventeenth century, and the trumpeter Matthias Kühnle and the trombonist András Fejér enrich this musical event centering on the historical organs in Lübeck’s Jacobikirche (Church of St James). The Queen of Sheba has certainly never been heard entering with greater majesty there!

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