With Lance & Lute: Music of the Swiss Guardsmen in France | Guild GMCD7422

With Lance & Lute: Music of the Swiss Guardsmen in France


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Label: Guild

Cat No: GMCD7422

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 15th January 2016



Julian Behr (lute)


Julian Behr (lute)


The French army is well-enough known, and the important duties the Swiss Guardsmen undertake in protecting the Pope are familiar to all. But the music they composed and played for their own periods off-duty, and to entertain their French military colleagues centuries ago, has been completely unknown to the general public, but owing to the assiduous investigation of the gifted and much-admired lutenist Julian Behr, we can - through his outstanding new recordings - experience this music at first hand after almost 400 years. It is a revelation, shedding fascinating light on a greatly significant aspect of music for this wonderfully expressive instrument.

Track listing:

1. Prélude
2. Courante du faux
3. Courante
4. Sarabande
5. Nuict agréable
6. Pantalon/Redouble
7. Janneton Sarabande
8. Courante
9. Praelude par Mesangeau
10. Allemande de Gautier sur bémol
11. Courante par bémol
12. Jandeniuelle par bémol
13. Ballet
14. Prélude
15. Allemande Gaultier
16. Courante Dufaut
17. Sarabande par bémol
18. La bourbonne par bémol
19. En fin ces beaux yeux
20. Courante
21. Praelude du faux
22. Allemande
23. Courante
24. L'entrelu par Merville
25. Courante de la Royne d'angleterre
26. Sarabande
27. Le Tonbeau des Sarabandes par bémol
28. Chabotte
29. L'Auignion
30. Prélude
31. Allemande Du Faux
32. Courante
33. Robin et Margot
34. Les Canaries
35. What if a day
36. Prélude
37. Courante
38. le Pont Breton
39. Baize moy ma Janeton
40. Courante

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