Baroque Concertos for Piccolo Trumpet | Christophorus - Entree CHE02052

Baroque Concertos for Piccolo Trumpet


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Label: Christophorus - Entree

Cat No: CHE02052

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 11th December 2015



The valveless natural trumpet used until the 17th century was limited to the natural harmonic series and so could not produce the full, chromatic scale of the modern trumpet. As the trumpet developed, it came to incorporate three or four valves, which enabled the instrument to produce the hitherto missing notes and which greatly extended its potential repertoire. It then became possible to perform concertos written for other solo instruments, like the flute and the oboe, on the trumpet – as Christophorus have done on this recording.

On his high B flat / high A piccolo trumpet, Joachim Schäfer approximates the sound of the oboe – the 'high wood' (French: hautbois) – and performs in the original keys, in a sensitive combination of widely varied instruments.

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