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Thomas Kingo’s Sacred Song Books


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Label: Dacapo

Cat No: 8226121

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 28th August 2015



Jakob Bloch Jespersen (bass)
Else Torp (soprano)
Phemius Consort


Jakob Bloch Jespersen (bass)
Else Torp (soprano)
Phemius Consort


The Danish Baroque theologian and poet Thomas Kingo (1634-1703) created his groundbreaking hymnals ‘Aandelige Siunge-Koor’ to encourage the religious faith of his countrymen through domestic devotions in their native language.

Today, Kingo’s hymns, with their rich Baroque imagery, are still at the heart of Danish communal church singing. On this release, Phemius Consort presents a selection of the most beautiful Kingo hymns as they were originally intended: as songs with accompaniment, here supplemented by instrumental music by closely related European composers of the period.

Track Listing:
Morning Songs from ‘Aandelige Siunge-Koor’ First Part (1674)
Johann Schop
1. Intrade à 5 from Erster Theil newer Paduanen .. (1633)
2. The First Morning Song: 'Rind nu op i Jesu Naun'
J B Lully: Ballet Royal de l’Impatience
3. 1e Entrée
4. 2e Partie
5. The Second Morning Song: 'Siæl og Hierte, Sind og Sandser'
Johann Schop
6. Galliard à 5
7. The Seventh Morning Song: 'Vaag op og slae paa dine Strenge'

‘Aandelige Siunge-Koor’ Second Part (1681)
Johann Schop
8. Courant à 5
Adam Krieger
9. The First Song: 'Op, op med Himmel-Stemme'
10. The Second Song: 'Kom Siæl, og lad os græde'
Dietrich Buxtehude
11. Rofilis, BuxWV 248
12. The Fourth Song: 'Ach! Herre see, Min Hierte-vee'
13. The Tenth Song: 'Tak, Jesu, Siælens Hyrde good'
Johann Schop
14. Ballett à 5
15. The Eleventh Song: 'Far, Verden, far vel'
16. The Twelfth Song: 'Herre GUD mit Hiertis Glæde'
17. The Fourteenth Song: 'Sorrig og Glæde de vandre til Haabe'

Evening Songs from ‘Aandelige Siunge-Koor’ First Part (1674)
Johann Schop
18. The Third Evening Song: 'Dend prægtig Sool'
19. The Fourth Evening Song: 'Dend klare Sool gaar ned'
Dietrich Buxtehude
20. Courent zimble, BuxWV 254
Adam Krieger
21. The Fifth Evening Song: 'Det mulmer mod den mørke Nat'
22. The Sixth Evening Song: 'Til hvile Soelen gaar'
Johann Schop
23. Paduana à 5

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