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Reutel 1917


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Label: SRC

Cat No: SRC198

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 17th July 2015



Band of the Honourable Artillery Company


Band of the Honourable Artillery Company


The Honourable Artillery Company is the oldest regiment in the British Army and probably the oldest military unit in the world, with unbroken service, that still bear arms operationally.

It is doubtful whether the Company possessed an official band prior to the 1760s, although one of the first mentions of HAC regimental music is in June 1684 when James, Duke of York, the HACs Captain General (and later James II), led the Company on a general march followed by a banquet, to the background of fifes, hautbois (a type of oboe) and other music.

The music of this recording have been chosen to honour those who fought and died during the battle of Reutel, a hamlet in Flanders, in the First World War.

Track Listing:
1. March: Reutel (E H Keeley) 
2. March: The Contemptibles (L R Stanley) 
3. Marsch aus Petersburg (Erik Erikkson) 
4. March: Its a Long Long Way to Tipperary (Jack Judge / Shipley) 
5. Selection: Communityland No 1 (R S Stodden / J Orde-hume) 
6. Prasentiermarsch (Friedrich Wilhelm III) 
7. March: St Julien (Arthur Graham) 
8. March: Toc H (Joseph William Mansfield) 
9. March: The Long Trail (Alonso Elliott) 
10. March: Rimy Ridge (Thomas Bidgood) 
11. The Machine Gun Corps: Corps Call and March - The Happy Clown (F G Firth / K Bird) 
12. Fridericus Rex Grenadiermarsch (Ferdinand Radeck) 
13. The Sherwood Foresters: Regimental Call and March: Young May Moon 
14. The Manchester Regiment: Regimental Calls and March - The Manchester   
15. The Leicestershire Regiment: Regimental Calls and March Romaika
16. Honourable Artillery Company: Regimental Call and March The British Grenadiers 
17. Mussinan Marsch - Royal Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiments 6 and 8  - (C Carl) 
18. The Royal Warwickshire Regiment: Regimetal Calls and March The Warwickshire Lads  - (Charles Dibdin) 
19. March: Mit Bomben und Granaten (Benjamin Bilse) 
20. The Devonshire Regiment: Regimental Calls and March Weve Lived and Weve Loved Together   
21. Alexandermarsch Reserve Infantry regiment 71 and Infantry Regiment 380 (Andreas Leonhardt) 
22. The Royal Welch Fusiliers: Regimental Calls and March - The British Grenadiers and Men of Harlech   
23. Royal Army Medical Corps : Corps Call and Slow March Her Bright Smile Haunts Me (W T Wrighton / J E Carpenter / K Bird) 
24. Ich hatt einene Kameraden (Trad / Freiedrich Silcher) 
25. Last Post 
26. Rouse
27. March: Pack Up your Troubles in Your Old Kit Bag (Felix Powell / J Orde-Hume) 
28. March: Deutschlands Ruhm Pro Patria (Martin Schroder) 
29. March: The British Legion (Thomas Bidgood) 

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