J S Bach - The Art of Fugue | La Dolce Volta LDV200

J S Bach - The Art of Fugue


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Label: La Dolce Volta

Cat No: LDV200

Format: CD + Catalogue

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Instrumental

Release Date: 5th May 2015



Some 275 years after it was written, The Art of Fugue still stands as a model of rare compositional mastery. Moreover, it still has the power to move us, and like all great classics, it has been an object of fascination throughout its history: originally for the complexity of its ‘orgies of counterpoint’; a century later for the deference it inspired as a model; today because its incomplete state means total perfection is unattainable, however close.

André Isoir’s classic recording, which has been out of the catalogue since 2010, combines technical perfection with a deeply reflective approach. His interpretation is transcended by a rhythmic impetus, a dynamism, a splendour of touch that are quite simply staggering.

The playing is immaculate and truly musical, beautifully phrased and neatly articulated. As a result of much study, André Isoir has re-assessed the order in which the fugues might be performed, coming up with a version which many will find musically surprising even if musicologically logical. If you do not possess a performance, there is probably no need to look any further.” - Organist’s Review

The organ of Saint-Cyprien en Périgord has a deep, mysterious, yet appreciably clear complex of sonorities that seem exactly right for this musical puzzle, and Isoir wrings playing of marvelous discipline and freedom from it.” - IRR

Played on the Gerhard-Grenzig organ, Saint-Cyprien en Périgord.

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