Musicorum et Cantorum | Pneuma PN1480

Musicorum et Cantorum


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Label: Pneuma

Cat No: PN1480

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 2nd March 2015



Schola Antigua


Schola Antigua


This CD is not about liturgical works, but songs for practical music learning in monasteries. It covers intervals, modes and their changes, psalm tones, the beginnings of solfege in the West with Guido d’Arezzo's syllables and the Guidonian hand.

These Medieval teaching devices are recorded for the first time with the help of Eduardo Paniagua’s psaltery.

Track Listing:
1. Musicorum et cantorum (Modo VIII) La enseñanza de los tonos - Teaching the tones
2. Incipit formulas (Modo I)
3. Primus et sextus (Modos I II III IV V VI VII VIII)
4. Pater in Filio / Gloria individuae / Pater in Filio
5. Primi toni melodiam (Modos I II III IV V VI VII VIII)
6. Primus tonus sic incipit (Modos I II III IV V VI VII VIII)
7. Sic incipitur (tonos irregulares) (Modos II, IV, C, D, E, Peregrino, Sine A) Las cadencias en la salmodia de los introitos - Cadences in introit psalmody
8. Primus ut Exsurge (Modos I II III IV V VI VII VIII) La unión con la terminología griega - Combination with Greek terminology
9. Protus finit in lycanos / Plagis Proti / Deuterus finit / Plagis Deuteri / Tritus finit / Plagis Triti / Tetrardus finit / Plagis Tetrardi El aprendizaje de los intervalos - Learning the intervals
10. Laudans canto Deo meo (Modos I II III IV V VI VII VIII)
11. Sex sunt consonantie (Modo I) La solmisación - Solmisation
12. Ut queant laxis (1ª estrofa) (Modo I) El aprendizaje a leer sobre pautado - Learning to read on a staff
13. Qui celeriter el proficue (Modo I) El aprendizaje de las mutanzas - Learning the mutanzas (mutations)
14. Hac puer arte (Modo I)
15. Quae quibus appropries (Modo III)
16. Reddit versutas (Modo I)
17. Gutturis arterias (Modo V) Las características del protus auténtico y plagal - Characteristics of authentic protus and plagal protus
18. Perpendas etiam (Modos I / II) Las sonoridades de los modos - The sounds of the modes
19. Hic tonus a protho (Modo I)
20. Plagalis tonus iste (Modo II)
21. Deuterus auctentum (Modo III) Antífonas modelo - Standard antiphons
22. Primum querite, etc (Modos I II III IV V VI VII VIII)

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