Cima - Vespro della Beata Virgine [Milano 1610] | Pan Classics PC10316

Cima - Vespro della Beata Virgine [Milano 1610]


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Label: Pan Classics

Cat No: PC10316

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 9th March 2015



In his own time, Giovanni Paolo Cima (c.1570-c.1626) was considered one of the great composers of counterpoint, in a league with Monteverdi and Merulo. He had a long-term influence on the stylistic transformation which took place between the Renaissance and the Early Baroque periods.

His predilection for sacred music, however, was apparently the cause of his later neglect. His Concerti ecclesiastici appeared in 1610. This is an extensive collection of sacred vocal music for the most varied liturgical application, supplemented by several instrumental works. Most of the motets have just a few parts, as was typical of the 'modern' monodic style that developed during this period.

In addition, there are also pieces for larger ensembles such as, for example, the eight-part 'Assumpta est Maria', especially interesting due to its echo and dialogue structure. Moreover, the collection contains the earliest preserved solo and trio sonatas, revealing Cima as a pioneer in the area of instrumental music.

Daniela Dolci and Musica Fiorita have put together a Vespro della Beata Virgine from this material modelled after the famous Maria Vespers of his contemporary Monteverdi which, interestingly, also appeared in the year 1610. It shows that the development of the new seconda prattica was not the sole invention of Monteverdi, but a trend of the period in which Cima's music definitely bears comparison with his famous contemporary.

Track Listing:
Giovanni Paolo Cima
1. Sonata 4
2. Invitatorio 'Deus in adiutorium' (Gregorian Chant)
3. Adiuro vos filiae Hierusalem 1: Canto over Tenore
4. Antifona 'Assumpta est Maria' (Gregorian Chant)
5. O dulcedo meliflua 1: Canto solo
6. Antifona 'Maria Virgo assumpta es' (Gregorian Chant)
7. Sonata 2: Violino & Violone
8. Antifona 'Exaltata est sancta Dei Genitrix '(Gregorian Chant)
9. Surge propera 2: Doi Soprani in Ecco
10. Oratio (Gregorian Chant)
11. Vulnerasti cor meum 3: Canto, Tenore e Basso
12. Antifona 'Post partum virgo inviolata' (Gregorian Chant)
13. Sonata 3: Violino, Cornetto e Violone
14. Antifona 'Paradisi porte per te nobis aperte sunt '(Gregorian Chant)
15. Vidi speciosam 3: Doi Canti e Tenore
16. Capitulum 'In omnibus requiem '(Gregorian Chant)

Andrea Cima (c1580 - after 1627)
17. Capriccio 2
18. Sonata 4: Violino e violone, cornetto e trombone
19. Hymnus 'Ave Maris stella' (Gregorian Chant)

Giovanni Paolo Cima
20. Sonata 2 per cornetto & trombone, overo Violino & Violone
21. Quae est ista 3: Doi Canti e Tenore
22. Antifona 'Hodie Maria Virgo celos ascendit' (Gregorian Chant)
23. Ecce Maria 4: Canto, Alto, Tenore e Basso
24. Benedicamus Domino (Gregorian Chant)
25. Assumpta est Maria 8: A doi chori

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