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Cantos Gregorianos


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Label: Warner

Cat No: 5419645192

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 3

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 2nd March 2015



Choir of Benedictine Monks of the Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery


Ismael Fernandez de la Cuesta
Francisco Lara


Choir of Benedictine Monks of the Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery


Ismael Fernandez de la Cuesta
Francisco Lara


In 1973, sound engineer Ángel Barco and Hispavox’s Classical Director, María Francisca Bonmatí, recorded a Gregorian Chant album titled 'Obras Maestras del Canto Gregoriano' as a tribute to Santo Domingo de Silos on the occasion of the 900th anniversary of his death. The repertoire was performed by the Choir of Benedictine Monks of the Santo Domingo de Silos Monastery under the direction of Ismael Fernández de la Cuesta, a fine specialist in Gregorian and Medieval music and back then also Silos Congregation Prior.

All recording sessions took place in the monastery chapel at night. This was to avoid the sound of the singing birds flying all over the cloisters and gardens as their nests were based in an ancient cypress tree in the corner of the main patio. During the night, while nature was asleep, the harmonic voices of the monks broke the magic silence of Silos with their soaring chants.

Seven years later, the same team went back to Silos to record a second album coinciding with the 1500th anniversary of San Benito’s birth, founder of the Benedictine Order. The recordings were titled 'Canto Gregoriano en el Monasterio de Silos' and the Silos Choir was conducted by one of the monks, Francisco Lara, this time, who brilliantly followed the artistic path established by Fernández de la Cuesta. Due to the album’s success, two more recordings were made: a Christmas and an Easter album. The Spanish Culture Ministry honoured both recordings, in 1981 and 1982 respectively, with two Classic Album National Awards.

Over a decade later, in 1994, the albums were reissued as a double CD containing a selection of the best Gregorian Chant repertoire of Santo Domingo de Silos. The album’s phenomenal success in Spain led to its global launch and the record subsequently became an unparalleled international breakthrough, turning into a worldwide phenomenon overnight. More than five million copies were sold and their triumph transformed the Monks of Silos into the most unusual music stars ever. The Monastery of Silos suddenly became a unique travel destination.

Now, 40 years later, listeners can enjoy the Gregorian Chants for the first time in a re-mastered edition, using the latest studio technology. The anniversary is a truly great occasion to once again savour and appreciate the simple greatness and magic these chants born in Silos epitomise.

Track Listing:
CD 1

1. Puer natus est nobis - Introito (Modo VII)
2. Genuit puerpera regem - Antífona y Salmo 99 (Modo II)
3. Ave mundi spes Maria - Secuencia (Modos VII y VIII)
4. Oculi omnium. Gradual (Modo VII)
5. Veni creator spiritus. Himno (Modo VIII)
6. Aleluia, beatus vir qui suffert (Modo I)
7. Os iusti. Gradual (Modo I)
8. Spiritus Domini. Introito (Modo VIII)
9. Kyrie fons bonitatis. Tropo (Modo III)
10. Laetatus sum. Gradual (Modo VII)
11. A solis ortus cardine
12. Christus factus est pro nobis - Gradual (Modo V)
13. Mandatum novum do vobis- Antífona y Salmo 132 (Modo III)
14. Media vita in morte sumus. Responsorio (Modo IV)
15. Nos autem. Introito (Modo IV)
16. Pange lingua gloriosi - Himno (Modo IV)
17. Jacta cogitatum tuum - Gradual (Modo VII)
18. Gloria XV (Modo IV)
19. Veni sancte spiritus. Secuencia (Modo I)
20. De profundis - Ofertorio (Modo II)
21. Salve regina (Solemne) Antífona (Modo I)
CD 2
1. Kyrie XI, A (Modo I)
2. Salve, festa Dies. Himno (Modo IV)
3. Puer natus in Bethehem - Ritmo (Modo I)
4. Alleluia, Dies santificatus (Modo II)
5. Christe redemptor - Himno (Modo I)
6. Christus natus - Invitatorio (Modo IV)
7. Verbum caro factum est. Responsorio (Modo VIII)
8. Hosanna filio David - Antífona (Modo VII)
9. Pueri hebraeorum portantes. Antífona (Modo I)
10. Improperium. Ofertorio (Modo VIII)
11. Traditor autem - Benedictus -  Antífona (Modo I) Cántico
12. Rorate caeli desuper -  Introito (Modo I)
13. Alleluia, domine in virtute tua (Modo VI)
14. Respice domine - Gradual (Modo V)
15. Jucundare - Antífona y Salmo (Modo VIII)
16. Alleluia, oportebat (Modo IV)
17. Super flumina - Ofertorio (Modo I)
18. Qui manducat -  Comunión (Modo I)
19. Puer natus est nobis -  Introito (Modo VII)
20. Viderunt omnes. Gradual (Modo V)

CD 3
1. Viderunt omnes - Comunón (Modo I)
2. Verbum caro -  Responsorio breve (Modo VI)
3. Hodie Christus natus est - Antífona (Modo I)
4. Hodie nobis - Responsorio (Modo V)
5. Hobie nobis de caelo - Responsorio (Modo VIII)
6. In principio - Responsorio (Modo VII)
7. A solis ortus cardine - Himno (Modo III)
8. Gloria in excelsus Deo - Antífona (Modo VIII)
9. Pueri hebraeorum vestimenta - Antifona (Modo I)
10. Gloria laus - Himno (Modo I)
11. Ingrediente - Responsorio (Modo II)
12. Christus factus est - Gradual (Modo V)
13. Pater - Comunión (Modo VIII)
14. De ore leonis - Responsorio breve
15. Zelus domus tuae - Antífona (Modo VIII)
16. Tristis est -  Responsorio (Modo VIII)
17. Iudas mercator - Responsorio (Modo II)
18. Una hora -  Responsorio (Modo VII)
19. Postquam surrexit - Antífona (Modo I)
20. Dominus lesus - Antífona (Modo II)
21. Ubi caritas -  Himno (Modo VIII)
22. Hoc corpus - Comunión (Modo VIII)

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