A Gottschalk Festival: Origins of Ragtime and Jazz | Musical Concepts MC133

A Gottschalk Festival: Origins of Ragtime and Jazz


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Label: Musical Concepts

Cat No: MC133

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 3

Release Date: 9th February 2015



CD 1
A Night in the Tropics (Symphony No.1)
1. Andante
2. Allegro Moderato

Works for Solo Piano - Eugene List
3. The Banjo – Grotesque Fantasie, Op.15
4. The Dying Poet – A meditation, Op.110
5. Souvenir de Porto Rico – Marche des Gibaros, Op.31
6. Le Bananier – Chanson Nègre, Op.5
7. Ojos Criollos (Danse Cubaine), Op.37
8. Bamboula – Danse des Nègres, Op.2
9. The Maiden’s Blush, Op.106
10. The Last Hope, Op.16
11. Suis Moi – Caprice, Op.45
12. Pasquinade – Caprice, Op.59
13. La Savane – Ballade Créole, Op.3
14. Tournament Galop

CD 2
1. A Montevideo (Symphony No.2)
2. Grand Tarantelle for piano & orchestra, Op.67 (arr. Hershy Kay)
3. Marche Solennelle, RO154
4. Variations on the Portuguese National Hymn, Op.91
5. Escenas Campestres, RO77
Trinidad Paniagua (soprano), Jose Alberto Esteves (tenor), Pablo Garcia (baritone)
6. Marcha Triunfal y Final de Opera, RO157

CD 3
1. Grande Fantaisie sur l’Hymne National Bresilien, Op.69

One Piano, Four Hands
2. La Jota Aragonesa, Op.14 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)
3. Souvenirs d’Andalousie, Op.22 (Eugene List and Joseph Werner)
4. La Gallina, Op.53 (Eugene List and Joseph Werner)
5. Orfa, Op.71 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)
6. Marche de Nuit, Op.17 (Eugene List and Joseph Werner)
7. Printemps d’Amour, Op.40 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)
8. Radieuse, Op.72 (Eugene List and Joseph Werner)
9. Responds-moi, Op.50 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)
10. Tremolo, Op.58 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)
11. L’Etincelle, Op.21 (Eugene List and Joseph Werner)
12. Ses Yeux, Op.66 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)
13. The Union, for two pianos, Op.48 (Eugene List and Cary Lewis)

"Gottschalk has a Gershwin-like capacity to absorb the essence of a colourful idiom, not merely its colour, into an individual style; and in his use of cakewalk rhythms, he comes astonishingly near a kind of concert jazz in mid-Romantic idiom. Bamboula is one such; the equally popular Le bananier is no less brilliant. The Souvenir de Porto Rico is an attempt to construct on the familiar 'patrol' device, using a tune he associates with the gibaTos, the white peasants of Puerto Rico. Ojos Criollos is a delightful, catchy dance; and in The banjo, we hear not only a clever translation of banjo figuration into piano terms but a working of De Camptown Races (Stephen Foster's tune had first been published in 1850, five years previously)" - Gramophone review

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