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Everybody’s Tune

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Label: Alpha

Cat No: ALPHA823

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 3

Release Date: 17th November 2014



Les Witches


Les Witches


Les Witches follow the trail of songs and dances as one follows the course of a river. Sometimes visiting the universe of Court, sometimes that of the tavern, this set brings together enchanting tunes and evocative titles that, by evoking characters and places, relate veritable pages of history. With Les Witches more boisterous than ever!

CD 1 NOBODY’S JIG: Mr Playford’s English Dancing Master

1. Nobody’s Jig, Mr Lane’s Maggott...
2. Stingo
3. Virgin Queen, Bobbing Joe
4. Daphne
5. Paul’s Steeple
6. Prince Rupert March, Masco
7. Sheperd’s Holiday
8. Confess his tune
9. An Italian Rant
10. Stanes Morris
11. A Health to Betty
12. A Mask no.6
13. Drive the cold winter away, The Beggar Boy
14. A Division on a ground
15. Woodycock
16. Wallom green
17. Bravade, Argiers
18. A piece without title
19. Hey to the camp, Schottisch Tanz
20. Rights of Man

CD 2 MANUSCRIT SUSANNE VAN SOLDT: Danses, chansons & psaumes des Flandres, 1599
1. Brande Champanje
2. Preludium
3. XXXI (sans titre)
4. Almande de La nonette
5. De frans galliard
6. Ghij Herder Israels Wylt Hooren, den 80 sallem
7. Wt de diepte o Heere, 130 sallem
8. Almande Brun Smeedelyn
9. Als een Hert gejaecht, den 42 sallem
10. Pavane dan Vers
11. Heer ich wil V Wt’s Herten gront, den 9 sallem
12. Susanna Vung Jour
13. Almande de symmerman
14. Myn God Voet mij als myn Herder..., 23 sallem
15. Allemande Loreyne
16. Brabanschen ronden dans ofte Brand

CD 3 LORD GALLAWAY’S DELIGHT: An Excellent Collection of Dances and Gaelic Laments
1. She Rose And Leit Me In
2. The Ragg Set By A Gentlemen (Irish Rag)
3. Ld Gallaways Lamentation
4. Sr Ulick Burk
5. Mary O’ Neill
6. On The Cold Ground
7. Bellamira
8. Molly Halfpenny (Molly O’hailpin)
9. Limbrick’s Lamentation
10. I Loved Thee Once
11. Siege Of Limerick
12. Counsellor Mc Donoghs Lamentation
13. Jennys Whim, Role The Rumple Sawny
14. Lads Of Leight
15. Johney Cock Thy Beaver : A Scotch Tune to a Ground
16. Kings Hornpipe, Newcastle
17. Miss Hamilton
18. Da Mihi Manum (Tabair Dom Do Lámh)

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