Morton Feldman - Works for String Quartet | Mode MODE269270

Morton Feldman - Works for String Quartet


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Label: Mode

Cat No: MODE269270

Format: CD + DVD

Number of Discs: 3

Genre: Chamber

Release Date: 28th July 2014



The FLUX Quartet follow their acclaimed, best-selling recording of Feldman’s monumental 6-hour String Quartet No.2 with this release, thus completing their cycle of Feldman’s string quartets, the first ensemble to do so.

String Quartet No.1 is one of Feldman’s earliest long-scale pieces. Unlike other recordings, FLUX respects Feldman’s tempo and all of the repeats, making it the longest recording of the piece.

Each of these string quartets inhabits a distinctive world, attuned to the incredible detail of tiny complexities of sound. Feldman gives attention to things one might otherwise overlook: no sound is too ordinary, too small, or too plain – in fact the small, ordinary, plain sounds are given a certain radiance, a renewed and rich inner life.

'Structures' (1951) presents us with a fragile and extremely delicate texture, almost transparent at times, like a finely woven gauze, with slightly varied repetitions, like undulations, like breathing.

'The Three Pieces' (1954-1956) form a triptych of sound worlds that have a similarity of tone, colour and density..

'String Quartet' (1979) is a work of far-reaching scope, even grandeur. It is long enough to get lost in, and yet it has many recurrences or near-recurrences that offer moments of familiarity within this strange and beautiful music.

2-CDs + bonus DVD packaged in deluxe slipcase.

The DVD presents the music in 24-bit stereo and surround-sound options. The FLUX Quartet’s performance of String Quartet No.1 is almost 90 minutes long. While it must be split over two CDs, the DVD presents the performance uninterrupted (note: no video content).

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