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The Sounds of ’All Our Yesterdays’

Label: Cameo Classics

Cat No: CC9005CD

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Documentary

Release Date: 2nd June 2014



Brian Inglis


Brian Inglis


Presented by Brian Inglis.

Brian Inglis joined the RAF in 1940, completing two tours of operations and achieving the rank of Squadron Leader. After demobilisation he went to work on The Irish Times in Dublin. In 1953 he returned to England to work on The Spectator and was Editor from 1959 to 1962.

He presented ‘All Our Yesterday’s on Granada Television for ten years. From 1964 to 1970 it covered the war years and the programme enjoyed its highest popularity. After the series ended, Brian and the show’s producer, Bill Grundy, collaborated on a book on the years from Munich to the Berlin Air Lift. From this book stemmed the idea of compiling the sounds that had evoked so many memories for millions of people.

Some of the sounds have been made familiar from the many programmes on television and radio, but this CD is one of the most concise collections of the actual sounds of the politicians, statesmen and entertainers, taken from Pathe newsreels. It vividly brings back the events and emotions of the time.

Brian Inglis has written and narrated this unique sound archive of World War Two in his own inimitable

In the 1930s, people thought that a second world war would be even more destructive than its predecessor. So it was to prove. Yet, though hardly anybody who survived the 1914-1918 struggle remembers it without thinking of the miseries of trench warfare, of the lethal mud of Paschendaele, World War Two is remembered more with wry nostalgic affection.

In Britain, civilians could feel for the first time that they were involved, working as ARP wardens, in the Fire Service or in hospitals and that they were indispensable. For most men in the forces too, the course which the war took, though it might often be uncomfortable and boring, was to become a time to remember as a break from life’s routine. Women particularly were given a chance to take on responsible jobs instead of being confined to work in sweet shops or as skivvies, as so many of them had been between the wars.

Track Listing:
1. Opening / Neville Chamberlain broadcast
2. Inglis / Sirens / Gas Masks
3. Inglis / Gas Masks Warnings
4. Inglis / Song ‘Lambeth Walk’ / Chamberlain warning to Germany
5. Inglis / George Formby sings ‘Window Cleaner’ & ‘Maginot Line’ / Inglis

6. Song ‘Siegfried Line’ / Inglis intro to Blitzkrieg
7. Sound of Stukas / Inglis ‘Chamberlain resigns’ / Churchill Speech ‘This is their finest hour’
8. Inglis / De Gaulle from London on resistance / Roosevelt speech on aid of Britain / Inglis ‘American aid - fighter Command had won the Battle of Britain in the air’ - Air Raid sfx
9. Inglis intro Quentin Reynolds broadcast ‘Letter to Schickelgruber’
10. Inglis intro Ministry of Information message on a landed bomb - ‘put a sandbag on it’

11. Inglis intro to concert - Myra Hess
12. Inglis intro to BBC / Flotsam and Jetsam sing ‘The Londoner and the Hun
13. Inglis ‘Worst raid of the blitz’ - Robert Ashley sings ‘The London I Love’
14. Inglis intro to King George VI broadcast on the creation of medals
15. Inglis intro to Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret broadcast messages

16. Inglis ‘ Summer of 1941, Germany invaded Russia / Japanese bombed Pearl Harbour and brought the USA into the war / Atlantic Charter / Churchill and Roosevelt at Service
17. Inglis intro to Churchill speech to American Congress
18. Inglis intro to Churchill speech in Ottawa... ‘Some chicken... Some neck
19. Inglis intro to El Alemein / General Mongomery ‘Here we will stand and fight...’ / Bells tolling to celebrate first real defeat of the Germans / Inglis ‘good reason to sound them again’
20. General Dwight D. Eisenhower on Italian surrender - hosilities to cease

21. Inglis intro to speech by Lord Beaverbrook ‘acting as Gadfly’
22. Inglis ‘bringing to an end the tyrany of German occupation’ / intro to French actress Francoise Rosay ‘Germans everywhere’
23. Inglis intro Tommy Handley and Jack Train of ‘Itma’
24. Inglis intro to Savoy leader Caroll Gibbons
25. Inglis intro to George Formby singing ‘My Little Stick of Blackpool Rock’

26. Inglis intro to ‘Monty’ giving pre-invasion pep-talks’
27. Inglis intro on invasion of Rome / Pathe News Gazette soundtrack on invasion preparations.
28. Inglis intro to missile attacks on London / sfx ‘Buzz Bomb’ / ‘Paris liberated’
29. Inglis ‘... The war was virtually over..’ Intro to Mavis Tate / report on Buchenvald concentration camp.
30. Inglis ‘...end of April, Allies and Russian forces began to make contact... Hitler committed suicide...’ 4 May 1945. General Montgomery instructs German delegation on signing surrender papers.

31. Pathe News report on cease-fire - celebrations in Britain
32. Tuesday, 8 May Churchill speech on ending of hostilities / Pathe News Report at Buckingham Palace
33. Inglis intro to pre-election broadcast by Sir William Beveridge / Inglis intro To broadcast by Sir Archibald Sinclair about ‘The Welfare State’
34. Inglis intro to broadcast by Winston Churchill
35. Inglis intro to broadcast by Earl Atlee
36. Inglis intro to ‘Big 3’ conference at Pottsdam / countdown to atom bomb Drop on Japan / Pathe News report on Japanese signing instrument of Surrender with speech by General McArthur
37. Inglis ‘And so Vera Lynn’s promise came true’ / Vera Lynn sings ‘We’ll Meet Again’

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