Craig Leon - Early Electronic Works | Aparte AP083

Craig Leon - Early Electronic Works

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Label: Aparte

Cat No: AP083

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Release Date: 2nd June 2014



Craig Leon
Cassell Webb
Terre Roche


Leon, Craig



Craig Leon
Cassell Webb
Terre Roche


'Nommos' is an electronic work inspired by a 1970s New York exhibition devoted to the art of the Dogon people of Mali. The Dogon are renowned for their cosmogony and for their sculptures evoking their religious beliefs, received from extraterrestrial visitors, known as the Nommos, a group of amphibian humanoids who came to them from the region of the double star Sirius.

This very unusual work was written in 1979 by the American-born record producer [the Ramones, Blondie], composer and arranger, Craig Leon, who explains: "it was an attempt to imagine the music that the Nommos brought with them to Earth from their home planet, thereby influencing the development of our own music. A simple melodic and harmonic structure was used, in conjunction with repetitive two-bar rhythmic patterns. On this disc, 'Nommos' is reunited with the subsequent project 'Visiting', which is a companion piece that is more improvisational. The two works are meant to be heard together - which can now happen, more than 30 years after their initial releases...The source material for this version of 'Visiting' is the analogue 1982 master. I have made several edits in the master that tie the two works together cohesively."

The result is breathtaking!

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