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Gregorian Chant: The 100 Most Beautiful Popular Pieces


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Label: Disque Dom

Cat No: FOR716877

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 7

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 10th March 2014



Choeur des Moines de L’Abbaye Saint Benoit du Lac


Dom Andre Saint-Cyr


Choeur des Moines de L’Abbaye Saint Benoit du Lac


Dom Andre Saint-Cyr


Relax and find true contemplation in this glorious 7 CD box of Gregorian Chants.

CD 1
: Easter Gregorian Chants
Lumen Christi
Canticle 'Cantemus Domino' VIII
Gloria In Excelsis Deo IV
Alleluia 'Confitemini' VIII
Antiphon 'Vidi Aquam' VIII
Offertory 'Dextera Domini' II
Sanctus et Agnus Dei IV
Alleluia et Psaume 33 VI
Response 'Surrexit Dominus' VI
Hymn 'Aurora Lucis' VIII
Introit 'Resurrexi IV
Kyrie VIII
Gradual 'Haec Dies' II
Sequence 'Victimae Paschali Laudes' I
Communion 'Pascha Nostrum' VI
Antiphon 'Regina Caeli' V

CD 2: The Most Beautiful Popular Choirs
Antienne 'Asperges Me' VII
Kyrie 9 'De Angelis'
Gloria 'De Angelis' V
Sanctus 'De Angelis' VI
Agnus Dei 'De Angelis' VI
Sequence 'Victimae Paschali Laudes' I
Credo 3 V
Hymne 'Veni Creator' VIII
Motet 'Adoro Te Devote' VIII
Antienne 'Pax Vobis' et Le Cantique 'Magnificat' VI
Motet 'Tantum Ergo' III
Antienne 'Salve Regina' (Simple) V
Antienne 'Hosanna' VII
Hymne 'Gloria Laus' I
Hymne 'Audi Benigne Conditor' II
Litanies des Saints
Antienne 'Te Decet Laus' II

CD 3: Gregorian Chants in Honour of our Lady
Introit 'Salve Sancta Parens' II
Kyrie 9 'In Festis Beata Mariae Virginis'
Gloria In Excelsis Deo 9 VII
Oratorio Graduel 'Diffusa Est' V
Alleluia 'Speci Tua' VIII
Offertoire 'Ave Maria' VIII
Sanctus et Agnus Dei 9 V
Communion 'Beata Viscera' I
Ave Regina Caelorum
Hymne 'Ave Maris Stella' I
Hymne 'O Gloriosa Domina' II
Antienne 'Navitas Tua' I
Antienne 'Beata Dei Genitrix' VIII
Antienne 'Sub Tuum' VII
Repons Bref 'Ave Maria'
Antienne 'Regina Caeli'
Antienne 'Magnificat' I
Salve Regina

CD 4: Gregorian chants: The Most Beautiful Popular Pieces
Introit Gaudeamus I
Motet 'Ave Verum' VI
Antienne 'Fidelia' & Psaume 110-IV
Hymne 'Lucis Creator' VIII
Hymne 'Conditor Alma Siderum' IV
Motet 'O Salutaris Hostia' VI
Hymne 'Panis Agelicus' IV
Introit 'Cogitationes' V
Kyrie XI 'Orbis Factor' I
Gloria XI 'In Excelsis Deo' II
Sequence 'Veni Sancte Spiritus' I
Offertoire 'Ave Maria' VIII
Sanctus XIII
Agnus Dei XII
Introit 'Dominus Dixit Ad Me' III
Hymne 'Jesu Dulcis Memoria' I
Psaume Miserere Mei Deus II
Motet 'Attende Domine' V
Motet 'Stabat Mater' VI
Antienne 'Vidi Aquam' VIII
Rythme 'Concordi Laetitia' V
Hymne 'Ave Maris Stella' I
Antienne 'Regina Caeli' VI
Hymne 'Virgo Dei Genitrix' II
Antienne: Ecce Nom En Domini V, Isaie 7, 14
Hymne: Christe Redemptor I, Matthieu 1, 18-22
Antienne: Ascendit Autem VII, Luc 2, 1-5
Motet: Puer Nat Us In Bethleem I, Luc 2, 6-7
Antienne: Angelus VII, Luc 2, 8-11
Introit: Puer Natus Est VII, Luc 2, 12
Gloria In Excelsis Deo 8 Ve Mode, Luc 2, 13-14
Antienne: Et Venerunt Festinantes III, Luc 2, 15-16
Antienne: Maria Autem VII Luc 2 17-19
Sanctus 8 Ve Mode, Luc 2, 20
Te Deum IV, Isaie 44, 23.

CD 5: Gregorian Chants 'Mysteries of Grief and Glory'
L'Agonie De Jesus (Jesus' Agony)
The Flagellation
Organ: Canticle 'When God Designs To Spead'
Le Couronnement d'Epines (The Crown Of Thorns)
Organ: Motet 'Stabat Mater'
Le Portement de la Croix (The Carrying Of The Cross)
Organ: Motet 'Parce Domine'
Le Crucifiement (The Crucifixion)
Organ: Canticle 'Let Us Love Our Redeemer On The Cross'
Deodat De Severac - 4 Verses Of The Canticle Gentle Jesus (Harmonised and arranged for Organ by Dom Andre Saint-Cyr)
La Resurrection (The Resurrection)
Organ: Canticle 'Let Us Sing The Victory'
Organ: Canticle 'Beautiful Sky'
Le Pentecote (Whitsun)
Organ: Hymn 'Veni Creator'
L'Ascension de Notre Dame
Organ: Canticle 'Salve Mater'
Le Couronnement de Notre Dame
Organ: Canticle 'Raise Your Eyes'

CD 6: Gregorian Chant - A Rosary in Chant / Joyous Mysteries
Organ canticle “Towards the aitar of Mary”
The Annunciation, canticle “Hail Mary”
The Visitation, canticle “Darkness covers the earth”
The Nativity, canticle “To humble Mary”
The Présentation in the temple Canticle “I put my confidence”
The Recovery canticle “In concert with the Angels”
10 canticles to our Lady on gregorian melodies - Hail Mary - On the antiphon “Benedicta”, Queen of heaven / On “Regina Caeli”, Mother of the Lord / On “Tota pulchra es”, Gentle Virgin / On “Kyrie X”, I bless you / On the hymne “Omnis expertem”, I bless you / On the hymne “Ave maris Stella”, From the high heavens / On “Salve Mater misericordiae”, The way to calvary / On “Stabat Mater”, May she reign / On the antiphon “Ait Dominus”, Hail, Queen / On “Salve Regina”

CD 7: Christmas Gregorian Chants with the Full Biblical Text of the Old and the New Testament
Reader: Jean Deschamps
Kyrie 8 Missa de Angelis Ve Mode, Isaie 49, 6, 9-9A, 13
Genealogie Selon Saint Matthieu, Isaie 26, 1, B-8
Repons: Hodie Nobis De Caelo VIII, Isaie 9, 1-2, 5-6
Repons: Descendit De Caelis I, Isaie 40, 3-6, 9
Agnus Del 8 Vie Mode, Isaie 53, 6B-7, 11B

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