Sleepsongs | Heresy Records HERESY014


Label: Heresy Records

Cat No: HERESY014

Format: CD

Number of Discs: 1

Genre: Vocal/Choral

Release Date: 3rd February 2014



Caitriona O’Leary


Caitriona O’Leary


Sleepsongs is an album of Suantraí - traditional Irish lullabies and songs relating to sleep. Join Dulra for a beautiful and dreamlike journey to the kingdom of sleep, a realm where mothers sweetly lull their infants to rest, faeries carry off babies to magical forests and mythic heroes wrestle through the night as they await their fate.

Dúlra brings a new sound to traditional Irish music with influences from early music, contemporary classical and world music styles.

Track Listing:
1. Cuir!dh mé féin mo Leanbh a Chodladh (I Will Put my Baby to Sleep)
2. Agus Seoithín (And Lulla, Lullaby)
3. An Seothó ("e Lulla)
4. Seobá mo Leanbh (Shush, my Baby)
5. Hush ó
6. Codail, a Leanbh (Sleep, Child)
7. Rachaidh Sé (He will Go)
8. Cosa Buí Árda (Little Yellow Legs)
9. Ar Mhullach an tSídh (On the Fairy Mound)
10. Tá Mé ‘mo Chodladh (I Am Asleep)
11. Codail Beagán (Sleep a Little)
12. Seoithín mo Leanbh (Lullaby my Baby)
13. Suantraí Nua Eabhrac (New York Lullaby)
14. Lollai, Little Child
15. When I was Young
16. Cúcú-ín (Little Cuckoo)
17. A Bhean úd thíos ar Bhruach an tSrutháin (O Woman Beside the Stream)

As we listen we become possessed by the fascinating charismatic singer Caitríona O’Leary with her angelic and ethereal voice” - Crescendo Magazine

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